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Venue  Date Programme
Ramada Plaza Gatwick 30th March 2012 2 hour NLP taster
Ramada Plaza Gatwick 29th April 2012 1 Day into to NLP
Ramada Plaza Gatwick 14th June 2012 Half day into to NLP
Ramada Plaza Gatwick 28th June 2012 Skills of Business Marketing One day

AheadForSuccess offers the following training courses for professionals, businesses and individuals:

  • The Skills of Business Marketing – You know it makes sense
  • Making meetings work (One Day)
  • Strategies for engaging your team (One Day)
  • Match Profiles ~ profiling teams for effective recruitment (One Day)
  • Making Light Work of It ~ Assertiveness (Two Days)
  • The Right State ~ effective conflict resolution (One Day)
  • The Disney Strategy ~ creating powerful futures (One Day)
  • Mind your Language ~ clean language for more effective communication (One Day)
  • NLP Taster workshop (One Day)
  • An Introduction to NLP ~ accreditable towards a Practitioner qualification (Two Days)
  • Slim while you sleep ~ the power of the unconscious mind in weight management (One Day)
  • An Introduction to Coaching ~ accreditable towards a Certificate in Coaching (Two Days)

All of the above courses can also be tailored and adapted for in-house training.

Association for Coaching recognised Coaching Certificate

This course is designed for those who already have some background or training in using high level communication skills and want to complement their current knowledge base, or to convert to coaching as a profession.

NLP Practitioner

An intensive 12 day course for communicators on all levels including coaches, managers, counsellors and therapists. This course can be run over various time frames for maximum flexibility

  • Four three day modules over a twelve week period
  • A two day module resulting in an Introduction to NLP Certificate, followed by a further three days leading to a Diploma and a final seven days leading to the Certificate NLP Practitioner award

Master Practitioner

An intensive 11 day Master Practitioner course which will by October 2012 carry the Grinder NLP Academy certification. This course is appropriate for those who are certified NLP Practitioners.


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