Coaching for Professionals, Businesses, Organisations,
Sports Teams, Networking Groups

The investment in group or one-to-one coaching for executives and managers is now essential if companies are to experience sustainable improvements which will result in positive employee attitude, retention of staff and increased productivity.

AHeadForSuccess is experienced in dealing with large and small organisations, sports teams and networking groups. Their tailored coaching focuses on the company culture, goals, values and strategy as well as on the corporate or sports team. Coaching can take place with individuals or groups.

Flexible in their approach, AHeadForSuccess is happy to work to a schedule for specific results or, alternatively, can provide ongoing longer term support for broader projects.

AHeadForSuccess workshops are tailored to individual needs can and include:

  • Establishing a company culture that supports training toolkits.
    Particularly relevant to organizations that require food safety management systems.
  • Enhancing communication skills with customer and colleagues.
  • Helping achieve individual and team goals.
  • Helping teambuilding and motivation.
  • Learning how to use feedback as a team-building tool.
  • Defining what constitutes success.
  • Enabling teams and organizations to reach and maintain peak performance.

AHeadForSuccess provides tailored coaching support (face-to-face or online) enabling you to identify where you want to get to and the steps to get you there.

Flexible in their approach AHeadForSuccess is happy to work to a schedule and specific results or, can provide ongoing longer term support, for specific projects.