Wendi Knibbs

“The NLP training session run by AheadForSuccess was fantastic. It was interactive and was not only thought provoking (encouraging us into a new and positive ways of thinking) but it was also constructed to help us build working relationship within the group. The result was that everyone worked together and set positive outcomes for a strong future.

Having experienced this, I decided to follow up with one to one sessions with Mike Hughes, one of the AHeadForSuccess team.

I wanted my sessions with Mike to concentrate on my career and we have gone into great depth about issues within the work place. Mike has helped me come to my own conclusions as to how to approach certain challenges and he has helped me see things from different angles and from different viewpoints. This has enabled me to set measurable goals within achievable time scales.

Mike is charming and easy to talk to, brings out the root of the issue you have and leads you into realising your own answer by helping you to see things in a different light.

He is incredibly knowledgeable and is adept as pointing the way to finding workable suggestions when all answers seem impossible.

I believe as a direct result of these one to one sessions I am more effective in my job, more confident and clear in my objectives, and my relationships with colleagues are stronger with more empathy. I can now understand their role and how they may see me.

The most incredible and extraordinary change I have experienced is in respect of a regular work event that I used to dread. Following the sessions with Mike, I now look forward to them, ready to embrace the challenge rather than seeing them as situations that may highlight my faults.  Instead, I now see them as an opportunity to highlight my strengths and achievements”

Wendi Knibbs,
Sales Manager, Hospitality, National Hotel Group

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