“I started Life Coaching with Jan when I was at a time in my life where I felt that I was on a treadmill – running fast and going nowhere. Heading for burn out and not being able to see the wood for the trees. I honestly didnt believe for a minute that Jan or anyone else could help change things. But I had nothing to lose so decided to see what would happen.

I have now had a small number of weekly sessions with Jan. These were supposed to be an hour but we always over ran – Jan gave so much more than she needed to. After the very first session I felt different. Not only had the session been easy and a pleasure I felt ‘cared about’ and focused. Jan really understood what I needed from the minute we started.

Somehow (& I am still not sure how she does it) Jan ensured I improved my diet – stopping eating and drinking rubbish and being bothered enough to eat more heathily. I had severe IBS before this and am already seeing vast improvements.

Jan also focused on getting me to rethink my own time and space which made me far more relaxed, less stressed and overall happier than I’d been in over 2 years. As we progressed through the sessions Jan spured me on to look at alternative careers. I was amazed to discover that my dream job training was accessible and I plan to embark on this next year when the course starts.

So – Jan really has made a huge difference to my health, state of mind and to my future options. I am staggered by how a few sessions along with her ongoing email and text support and her continual encouragement has enabled me to make such significant moves forward. The only way I can begin to think she achieved this is through her perseptiveness, strong and determined nature (which really does rub off on you) and her incredible warmth and understanding along with her knowledge of people and life. Either its these things or a magic spell she has weaved. Whichever it is I would urge anyone who wants to make changes in their life to see Jan and prepare to be surprised by the extraordinary changes.

I havent even finished with Jan yet and cant wait to see whatelse we will do. Whatever happens I now feel healthier, happier and can see a gleaming light at the end of the tunnel and didnt have any of this before I met this insipational woman.”

J.K ,
Area Manager International Cosmetic Company

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