Testimonials for Jan

‘It is a pleasure to endorse Jan Sheward’s credentials.  She has studied with us on two courses, in each case showing dedication and determination, and she combines a wonderful blend of knowledge, experience, respect and skillful practice.  She has a warm and innovative style and I look forward to her working with us on Master [...]

“In her life Jan has triumphantly overcome many severely challenging life and business problems and yet she is passionate, enthusiastic and pragmatic. She shares her insights with her clients to allow them to avoid and overcome their own challenges with greater ease producing winning outcomes. I wish her and her clients, health, wealth and happiness.” June 27, 2011”

Curly Martin,
Founder & Director, Achievement Specialists Limited

“Although I consider myself to be balanced, intelligent and professional I am only too aware that at times I can lose my cool, my equilibrium – and like a hot air balloon that has lost its tether, my moods and emotions can float off into space. Jan has helped me ground myself again, to focus on what I want and how to achieve it. She has done this with humour, good sense and warmth that lets me know she really cares about my personal growth. She applauds my successes and empathises when things don’t go so well. Most of all, she encourages me to grow stronger and take control of my life”

J.C ,
Author of novels set in 12th century Japan

“I started Life Coaching with Jan when I was at a time in my life where I felt that I was on a treadmill – running fast and going nowhere. Heading for burn out and not being able to see the wood for the trees. I honestly didnt believe for a minute that Jan or anyone else could help change things. But I had nothing to lose so decided to see what would happen.”

J.K ,
Area Manager International Cosmetic Company

Testimonials for Mike Hughes

“The NLP training session run by AheadForSuccess was fantastic. It was interactive and was not only thought provoking (encouraging us into a new and positive ways of thinking) but it was also constructed to help us build working relationship within the group. The result was that everyone worked together and set positive outcomes for a strong future.”

Wendi Knibbs,
Sales Manager, Hospitality, National Hotel Group

Testimonials for Dr Jan Dexter-Russell

“Inspiring….. Training with Jan is something I thoroughly enjoyed and I attributed this to Jan’s approach, creativity, passion and company… I felt valued as a learner and found that Jan’s inclusive and honest approach encouraged me to develop and learn. Observing NLP used so skilfully has been a highlight! Jan is an inspiration to woman everywhere.”

V.C.  ,
Director of Operations – Public Sector