Frequently Asked Questions

Businesses and Corporations

Q.  How do we get started?
A . We have an initial free consultation with you to understand your needs.

Q. What happens after that?
A. We provide a proposal detailing our recommendations along with a contract of engagement.

Q. What if we are not quite satisfied with your recommendations and proposals?
A. We will work with you to find a solution you are happy with and does meet your needs and requirements.

Q. Do we get to chose who we work with?
A. Based on our assessment of what type of coaching is required we will make a recommendation as to who we believe is best suited for the contract.  If you are not satisfied with our recommendation we are happy to offer you a choice of alternative coaches.

Q. What are the fees?
A. AHeadForSuccess offers a bespoke service and tailors coaching to the individual needs of its client companies. Our fees are extremely competitive and in line with others in the same marketplace.


Q. Is coaching like counselling?
A. No. Counsellors or therapists typically deal with past issues. Coaching focuses on the present and the future.

Q. What are the fees and costs?
A. We offer a free consultation, time place and media to be arranged, after which fees and contract length is mutually agreed.

Q. How long is an individual coaching session?
A. Usually 60 minutes.

Q. How long must I commit to undergoing coaching?
A. It depends on what you want to achieve. A solution that suits you will be found at your initial consultation.

Q .  How will I benefit from coaching?
A. If you always do what you’ve always done, you always get what you’ve always got. In essence coaching enables you to find new ways to achieve the results you want.

Do you have a question?  Remember every question is important to us at AheadforSuccess so contact us now.

Do you have a question? Remember every question is important to us at AheadforSuccess so contact us now.