About Cancer

I know how you are feeling; I have been there too and what I know now is that it was meant to happen to me because it changed my life forever.

Being diagnosed with cancer is pretty terrifying and certainly life changing. I was mortified, yet there was nothing else to do except accept it and deal with whatever challenge was in store for me. At first you cannot take it in and your mind races ahead. You don’t actually listen to what the doctor is telling you and all you try to focus on is how you are going to cope with the treatment and whether you are going to die. You suddenly feel very scared and very vulnerable and you want to grab a hold of your loved ones hold them in your arms and hear them say that everything will be alright.

I was so very lucky that I found the cancer myself and acted quickly.  The cancer hadn’t travelled thank God and so the only further surgery I had to have was for the removal of my very suspect looking ovaries.  Hey! At my age ~ I didn’t need them any more, so I just felt relieved that I had been urged to have them scanned and then had them taken out.

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