About Belief

 Over the last few weeks our lives have been full of the London 2012 and the culmination of four years of dedication, hard slog and belief for all the athletes who competed.  For some who achieved success and a gold medal, their lives would be changed forever.  Others, who seemingly failed to achieve will draw on all the resources within them to create new targets and goals and will start to prepare for their next competition focusing even more on winning.

Now, we are just about to see the paralympians perform in the Paralympic Games and even though I understand that all athletes train to peak at just the right time when everything they do feels right and they are at their most resourceful or in the ‘zone’,  it never ceases to amaze me how these fantastic paralympians some of who have endured the most horrendous medical problems, are able to overcome their disability so brilliantly.

Of course for those of us who have been fortunate enough to have had the ‘secret of success’ explained to us, the answer is simple.  All of these very special people who have performed in the ‘London 2012’ as well as those paralympians just embarking on their Games did several things.

1                     They chose their mission

2                     They believed they had the resources to succeed

3                     They honed their skills and capabilities

4                     They behaved like great athletes

5                     They accepted they would have to train hard every single day in the sporting environment of their choice.

Whilst all of these athletes will have great coaches who not only hone their physical technique; to sustain the level of fitness and endurance to succeed in any sport, they will also help keep these five levels aligned.

You don’t have to be a great athlete to use the above five levels to reach your goal.  Go for it and believe you can..



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