About Belief
Published by admin in • 29/08/2012 16:28:59

 Over the last few weeks our lives have been full of the London 2012 and the culmination of four years of dedication, hard slog and belief for all the athletes who competed.  For some who achieved success and a gold medal, their lives would be changed forever.  Others, who seemingly failed to achieve will draw [...]

About Food Safety Culture
Published by admin in • 27/06/2012 05:10:15

Food Safety is the concept that food will not cause harm to the consumer when it is prepared and eaten according to its intended use (ISO, 2005). HACCP is a system which identifies, evaluates, and controls hazards which are significant for Food Safety (Codex 2009). However, HACCP alone does not guarantee food safety. While the [...]

About a New Challenge
Published by admin in • 27/06/2012 05:09:00

Cancer was the catalyst that changed my career because I realised after my treatment that I wanted a career that involved helping others. I chose a programme of re-education that appealed to me the most and I learned to be a Coach and an NLP Practitioner.   I sought out the best tutors and am now [...]

About Recovery
Published by admin in • 27/06/2012 05:07:52

I believe you could describe having a life threatening illness as a bit of a change although being the positive person I am I took up the challenge positively and concentrated on getting well. I got through my radiotherapy with very little issue and now hope that I can look forward to a long and [...]

About Cancer
Published by admin in • 17/06/2012 17:35:30

I know how you are feeling; I have been there too and what I know now is that it was meant to happen to me because it changed my life forever. Being diagnosed with cancer is pretty terrifying and certainly life changing. I was mortified, yet there was nothing else to do except accept it [...]