About Jan

NLP Master Practitioner LLMC Lincoln University

NLP Practitioner ~ Health & Life Transitions
Lincoln Leadership & Management Centre
University of Lincoln
Certificate In Coaching ~ Health & Life Transitions

For over 25 years my life was totally focused on successfully building my food manufacturing company and navigating it through the difficult times every business invariably encounters as it reaches out for growth. On reflection, I now realise that all of this was preparing me for a dramatic and unforeseen career change.

Operating a successful business for such a long time gave me a great deal of knowledge, skill expertise and experience which proved to be the best training I could possibly have had to assist me develop my coaching skills.

In 2008 I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness. Discovering you have cancer is not only a major change to your way of life; it is a hell of a challenge. What I discovered was that change need not necessarily be frightening or insurmountable, in fact it can just be the catalyst you need to improve your life. Flexibility in my thinking and behaviour together with great coaching support enabled me to make life changing decisions, align my goals and embark on a new career.

In 2011 I became a Campaigns Ambassador for Cancer Research UK which has given me the chance to work on campaigns with others who are dedicated to the prevention of cancer.

In 2012 I created ‘Cancer United’ a support group for all those whose lives have been touched by cancer. On 1st March this year Cancer United Shop CIC www.cancerunited.org.uk opened it’s doors and the profits from the sale of all items will go to fund the Group

For me health is the most important thing in your life because ‘without health, there is no wealth’.

I hope you enjoy visiting our website and I welcome the chance to work with you and to bring about the extraordinary changes you desire

With warmest wishes


Diagnosed in 2008 with a life threatening illness, and following my treatment for cancer, I made a major career change and decided to embark upon a totally new and exciting path.